Sick Dogs and Dog Care During Illnesses

Sick Dogs Dog Care

Most of the illnesses of dogs may be avert ed by proper feeding, plenty of exercise, and frequent access to growing grass. When a valuable or cherished dog is really ill, the first thing to do is to secure the best medical ad vice possible the family physician, if he is a man broad enough to be willing to prescribe for a dog ; if he is not, the best really scientific veterinarian ; though it is said that the dog’s ailments are so much more like those of men than of horses that he may be doctored in the same way that a man is treated, and in ordinary cases home remedies may be administered. I can specially recommend the use of homoeopathic remedies, as easily given, and working like a charm on all animals, from a canary-bird to a horse. If, however, others are preferred, it is well to remember that a big dog like a St. Bernard requires as much med icine as a human .being, and a small dog much less.

One of the most common troubles to which our four-footed friends are subjected is fleas, and though it may not be called a disease, it deserves treatment, both for his own sake and the sake of those among whom he lives. One way that is recommended by good authorities for the larger patient is to wash thoroughly with some good carbolic or dog soap, first making a thick lather all over him (being careful to avoid the eyes), then rinse off, or allow him to take a swim. Another way that is prescribed is to saturate a rag with kerosene, and rub it into his coat, then wash with soap and water. This, of course, must be done with great care, by daylight, and the oil thoroughly removed. A carbolic-soap bath is good also for eczema or mange. Worms and skin diseases beyond benefit by the above simple remedy should be treated by a physi cian or a veterinary ; and if rabies is feared, the dog should be shut up where he cannot get at any one, and medical advice obtained. In most cases the trouble is due to causes which can be removed. All sick dogs should be kept quiet and not worried.

If any surgical operation has to be performed, even a simple one, like removing porcupine quills or sewing up a cut, it is no more than humane to save his suffering by putting him under the influence of chlo roform.