Quick Basset Hound Dog Information

Characteristics of the Basset Hound

Quick Basset Hound Dog Information

Height & Weight (male dog): 30-38 cm & 59-65 lbs.

Height & Weight (female dog): 28-36 cm & 45-60 lbs

Temperament: These dogs are peaceful and gentle, and make devoted friends. They make great family dogs, and are friendly with children. They have a mild nature, and can perform tricks. Housebreaking these dogs is not always easy and will require time and patience.

Energy levels: Relatively active. They are more active outdoors than inside, but they will be able to live indoors without a problem.

Exercise: They need plenty of exercise and if you take it outside, this dog will run around for hours.

Grooming: They shed constantly, but you only need to groom them when the need arises. Toenails will need to be trimmed regularly, and you will need to clean behind the ears regularly as well because of the large drooping size of them.

Bred as: Hound Dogs (as the name suggests!) they are used for hunting purposes as well.