Quick Alaskan Dog Information

Characteristics of the Alaskan Malamute

Quick Alaskan Dog Information

Height & Weight (male dog): 61-66 cm & 80-95 lbs.

Height & Weight (female dog): 56-61 cm & 70-85 lbs.

Temperament: Affectionate and playful, loyal, sociable and intelligent. They are not suitable as guard dogs as they are very friendly. They also need and love a lot of attention. Until they become very mature, these dogs can be resemble rambunctious puppies, and they make great companions.

Energy levels: Fairly active, with high energy levels. These are not suitable apartment dogs.

Exercise: Needs much exercise and is best pleased when running around. They should not be exercised excessively however as they are more suited for cooler climes.

Grooming: Sheds quite a lot, and needs to be groomed at least twice a week.

Bred as: Working Dogs, they love to pull sleds