Quick Alaskan Husky Dog Information

Quick Alaskan Husky Dog Information

Height & Weight (male dog): 58-65 cm & 46-50 lbs.

Height & Weight (female dog): 56-61 cm; & 38-42 lbs.

Temperament: These dogs are sociable, and playful, as well as being mischievous, intelligent and trainable. They can also be difficult to housebreak, and prefer to have company. They should ideally have another companion to keep company with.

They should be kept in cold climates, or if in hot temperatures, in the cold of a shade or air conditioning. Not suitable as guard dogs as they are very friendly.

Energy levels: Very active

Exercise: They need a fair amount of exercise to keep them happy and healthy, but be certain that this is not done in the excessive heat.

Grooming: Doesn’t shed much, mainly there only during the two shedding seasons. In these seasons their coats need to be brushed with a steel comb to get all the shedding fur out.

Bred as: Working Dogs