Dog you have the time and money to train your dog?

This question is necessary only to find out what sort of temperament you want in your dog. Do you want a dog that is trainable or do you want a dog that will roam wild. It all really comes down to the decision of whether you want to train your dog or not.

Dog you have the time and money to train your dog?

This is a fair question since not everyone wants to train their dog. Some people have no time or patience to go through anything other than the most rudimentary house training required, while others just don’t have the inclination to go through the entire training process.

There are as usual, ways and means around this little problem and you will find that they come in the form of puppy kindergartens, and dog training classes.

Then again not everyone wants to send their dog to school to be trained. I have to say that personally I prefer to go through at least the rudimentary training process by myself, because then I find that my dog gets to know me better and this is better in the long run.

Besides, I have a soft heart and can’t bear the thought of sending my dogs to someone else to train, someone who may not treat (by that I mean pamper) my dogs the way that I do.

This is not to say that these dog training schools are not good, only that I prefer not to use these services myself.

That said, if you do want to train your dog but find that you are short of the time and the patience, these doggy training schools are just what you need.

To that end, the question you want to ask yourself here is not whether you want to train the dog, but whether you want a trainable dog. Not all dogs are trainable so you will need to take that into factor when you’re looking for a dog.