Buying Dog Alone

Is your dog going to be left alone for most of the day?

Buying Dog Alone

Another thing that you need to look into in all seriousness is whether or not your dog is going to be left alone for a large portion of the day.

Most of us need to work and this is fine as long as we take this into account when we’re getting our dog.

No one can stay in the house twenty-four hours a day, and we most definitely can’t always take our dogs with us everywhere that we’re going.

This means that there will be times when the dog is left alone to fend for itself. You have the option of putting the dog outside during that time or leaving him inside.

If you leave your dog inside the house however, and he isn’t trained, or he’s still a very young puppy, or for some reason you become very late, you might find that when you get home that things are not quite as neat and tidy as when you left.

In the case of the young puppy it is mainly due to the destructive tendencies that young of all species have. That curious nature coupled with an absentee owner can lead to many an item being “explored”. No stone will be left unturned in their quest to slake to their curiosity.

You will also find that very young puppies also have separation anxiety. They have after all just been weaned from their mother, their siblings, and their very familiar surroundings, and dumped willy-nilly into a stranger’s house.

And to add insult to injury they have now to all intents and purposes, been abandoned. It is therefore only natural that these destructive tendencies will come to the fore.

The same applies to an untrained dog. If they are as yet not secure with your affections you will find that your house has been ransacked.

With an older dog you will find that these tendencies wane as time goes by and they become more secure in your affections. When faced with a long overdue and absentee owner however, you might find that even these dogs are displaying signs of tantrums.

What’s really important here though, is for you to know how much time your dog will be left at home alone on a daily basis. Something along the lines of whether it’s going to be for about 1-2 hours, or maybe about 3-4 hours.

Sometimes you might find that you need to leave your dog alone for about half a day or even more daily, if you need to go in to work and there is no one else to look after the dog.

There is no problem with all of that as long as you are candid about the length of time that you dog will need to be alone.

Not all dogs can handle being alone for any length of time, and if this is your case, then it truly is better all around for you to find a dog who won’t mind the separation.

Most of the times a watchdog will be better able to handle the supposed defection, but then again, not everyone wants a watchdog.

So take into account the number of hours that you will need to leave your dog alone for a day, and add that rough number to the rest of your answers on the checklist.

Your checklist should be coming along quite nicely by now, and you should begin to have at least a rudimentary idea of what you need in a dog.

I would however, suggest that you continue through with the entire checklist as ultimately your decision on choosing a dog will only become easier.