Buying a Dog and Exercise

Is exercising your new dog going to be a problem?

Not everyone likes to go out in the middle of the pouring rain to exercise their dog, but it is a fact that there are many people who would do that and more for their dogs.

Buying a Dog and Exercise

I might love my dogs but I know that I’m definitely not one of those people who would brave the pouring rain for my dogs. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you want to stay home and dry.

The question that arises here however is not that of whether you would exercise your dogs in the pouring rain, but whether you want to exercise them at all.

Obviously here as well, the breed of the dog counts a lot as some dogs are more sedentary than others, and some dogs are hyper almost from the get-go.

You will also get the more moderate dogs who only require a reasonable amount of exercise, and most people find that these types of dogs suits them the best.

When the exercise question crops up however as it must, you need to decide whether you’re a gung-ho exercise fanatic or whether you can live without it and be quite happy.

You will also need to look into the different needs of the dogs as well. Not all dogs are the same and each breed requires different exercise times and routines.

You could exercise a Terrier or a Spaniel for about 15 minutes, twice a day and find that your dog is satisfied, but what about if you get an Akita or a Border Collie? Two bouts of 15 minutes each day of sedentary walking is almost definitely not going to satisfy them.

And although you might have your heart set on one of these types of dogs, you need to make sure that you can cater for their need to run and frolic and generally get exercise somehow, because otherwise you will find that your dog is dissatisfied and showing signs of it in their mannerisms and lack of enthusiasm.