Which is the best steam mop for your home?

Just got a Hoover Steam Mop. I have concrete floors and asthma, so I think this is a good solution for me?

What Is The Best Steam Mop?

If you not have free time to read long reviews While the rest of the entries show certain strengths, the steam mop unit that leaves the most impact is the Hoover Steam Mop TwinTank Steam Cleaner WH20200. It comes with more than 10 accessories that allow you to customize the unit depending on the areas that you want to clean. These tools can be stored in the steam canister, so it also becomes handy to get these when you need to use the steam mop again. It allows you to deal with tough areas, with its hose and extension wand. This is also preferred because of the length of its power cord, which gives way for extra mobility while you are using the appliance.


Best Steam Mop For Home Use

Steam mop, an electric device is used to clean and sanitize hard and sealed floor using water and no other chemicals or cleaners. Distilled or demineralized water should be used in order to protect this device.

While cleaning, water is filled up in small reservoir and when either handle of mop is pumped or button of steam is pressed water is heated up to boiling. Due to this steam is generated that flows out through removable cloth of floor cleaning pad. The floor dries up soon due to the formation of steam.

Though there are certain exceptions related to heavy models or dual functions, use of steam mop is much simpler in comparison to regular bucket and mop for cleaning floor as it requires less of work. For the proper cleaning of the floor it is necessary to keep changing the pads of mop when required.

Sanitizing of your floor would help you to be away from germs and bacteria, it depends upon the steaming capabilities of mop if it is designed in such a manner that it provides enough steam vents and generate sufficient amount of steam for doing a proper job. Thus, steam mops differ from one another depending upon the affectivity of fabric of mop head, its ability to hold and pick up the dirt, performance and handling, thereby giving smear free and clean floor.

Do consider the notes of manufacturer regarding cleaning of floor using steam mop. Steam mop can be used on different hard and sealed surface floors till it is not unused.

The rate of steam mop varies due to different temperatures, designs, and accessories.

There are so many reasons why you ought to invest in a good steam mop. For one, it is versatile. There are certain brands that include accessories that allow you to clean not only the floor, but also the grout, countertops and other hard to reach areas. This electronic appliance can be used to clean hardwoods, laminate, linoleum, ceramic tile, just to name a few.

Another advantage of this appliance over the classic method of cleaning is the faster drying time. This can become too much of a problem, especially when you have kids at home who would not comply with your request to stay put while the floor is still wet. This is easy to use as well. You don’t have to worry about reading a lengthy instruction in order to find out how to get it going. You simply need to fill its reservoir with water, turn on the device and wait until the steam is produced. With a steam mop, you do not have to scrub, but instead you glide the appliance on the floor to get the dirt out.

Top 4 Steam Mops For Your Home

A great proof that this system of cleaning is getting quite popular is the surge of various brands and models of steam mops that are now available in the market. When deciding which one to buy, you have to look into the products’ features, the accessories that are included in the package, the appliances’ measurements, the pros and the cons of each product and the price. After weighing all these considerations, this list was created to help you in deciding which one to get. Here are the top four steam mops that you can choose from. This trimmed options allow you to choose from the products that are highly recommended by many people who have tried using these and those who swore never to get their hands on a traditional mop and bucket with the advent of these advanced appliances.

#1. Hoover Steam Mop TwinTank Steam Cleaner WH20200

This steam mop helps in getting rid of 99.99% of harmful bacteria, with the aid of the Hoover Steam Plus Cleaning Solution. The tandem is tough on cleaning your home, but is gentle and safe to use around children and pets. The cleaning solution does not contain any toxic ingredients and it is completely biodegradable.

You can use the steam alone for every day use, but in order to deal with tougher stains and other types of mess, you will need use little amount of the cleaning solution. This can be used not only on the floor, but on other hard to reach areas up to the walls and ceiling.

It has a TwinTank system, which separates the tanks of pure water to the cleaning solution. The latter will not mix with the water until you have chosen to mix the two.


  • It is quite easy to follow the directions on how this steam mop is used. Once you have filled its tank with the required amount of water and added the disinfecting solution to the other tank, the unit can be turned on. It will take about five minutes, as indicated by a green light, before the unit is able to produce steam. You simply need to put the necessary attachments, depending on which part of the house are you going to clean, and you are ready to start the chore.
  • The unit is easy to move about. When the tank is filled with water, its total weight is around 15 pounds.
    The power cord is around 30 feet long, so you won’t have any hassles in reaching areas that are far from your power source.


While the unit works well on hard surfaces, it takes longer for the water to dry up when used in fabrics. The main reason for this is the amount of water that it spits out when in use. If ever you decide to use this on your carpet and other upholsteries, you have to follow the steaming process with extraction with the use of a vacuum to make sure that the area will dry really well.

#2. Shark Premium SC630 Portable Steam Pocket

This portable steam pocket multi-surface cleaning system works best by delivering a sufficient amount of steam with the use of the right temperature in order to provide deep cleaning of your floor. It comes along with tools that are uniquely conceptualized, plus the specialized fabrics, to make the process of cleaning easier and more efficient. Its power cord is 20 feet long, which is already enough to let you clean farther areas. The unit comes with specialized cleaning pockets, which serve various purposes, with the same goal and that is to make cleaning fast, safe and effective.

Make sure that you check all its attachments before you buy the unit to make sure that this is really best suited for your home. It may be able to clean the basin, but this won’t work in all shapes. You can still try though by using the other attachments and by placing the unit at various angles until you have discovered the perfect way to clean all areas of your home.


  • It comes with attachments that will enable you to clean even a small bathroom, including the mirror, sink, toilet bowl and shower.
  • The process of cleaning using the unit is easy. You won’t smell like chemicals after you are done and you are going to be impressed with what you have done.


  • Its long cord can get out of the way at times, especially when you are using the unit in cleaning the baseboards.
    The attachments that the unit comes with may not be able to work well on round areas.
  • The tank has to be refilled with water a lot of times during the cleaning process. This part of the task can really be tiring.
  • It also eats up lots of time to change the attachments, depending on the areas that you ought to clean.
  • You have to be very cautious when fixing the attachments while the product is in use. You can get your hands burned if you are careless in the process. You must also be very alert about how you handle the unit when tilting it on various angles in order to reach difficult areas, to make sure that you don’t suffer from any burns.

#3. Bissell Flip It Bare Floor Cleaner

It makes cleaning easier and efficient and easier in two ways. One, it works as a vacuum cleaner, which can pick up dirt and dust and when the heat is on, it serves as a warm wet mop that can take charge on any sticky residue. It is lightweight and compact, which makes it stress-free to store when not in use. It is slender, so you won’t have a hard time gliding it through even in small spaces.

To start cleaning, it is recommended to first use the vacuum function of the unit. Then, turn it around and turn on its built-in heater to begin using its warmth in deep cleaning the surfaces of your home. It has separate tanks for clean and dirty water, so as you clean your house, you are assured that you are working with the use of clean water. Once done, the floor will easily dry up.

This appliance comes with a soft brush, which can be used in grouts and crevices and a Gentle Clean pad that is ideal for use on laminated surfaces and hardwood. (More Bissell Steam Mop Review)


  • Many people commend its effectiveness specifically on hardwood floors. This will leave the surface shiny and without any haze.
  • It is quite easy to maneuver, which makes it perfect for areas with lots of obstacles, such as the toilet and shower room.
  • The heat that it produces is enough to deal with any messes that are hard to get rid of.


  • The cord is stiff, so it can get in the way when you are too absorbed in cleaning.
  • Its two water cups are rather small, so you would need to fill up the other and dump the other one, many times during the process.
  • It has a squeegee design, which makes it hard for the cleaning pad to keep still. It can also get tiring to press the release button of the cleaning solution every time you need to use such.

#4. Haan FS20 Plus Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer

The unit is easy to set up. This can be used in less than three minutes of preparation. It promises to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs on the surfaces of your home. Its tank can be filled with water that will last for 20 minutes while the steam is in use. This is quite a breeze for those who have used similar units wherein the tanks have to be filled with water every now and then, which makes the cleaning process harder. It is lightweight, which makes it ideal for easy maneuvering and it comes to a carpet glide and two microfiber pads.

The product looks stylish and sleek and works well in cleaning cabinets, hard to reach areas and in deep cleaning the floor, including gaps and corners. It does not utilize any kinds of chemicals in the process. This promotes a clean and healthy way of cleaning your home.


  • With its sleek design, the unit can easily glide through the narrow area of the toilet and the wall.
  • No chemicals are used in the process, so this is safe to use around children and pets.
  • The floor pad that it comes with is easy to attach and detach. It can also be washed after use and it dries out easily.
  • The unit has a low profile, so you can efficiently reach under the table and other areas, which cannot be easily reached by similar appliances.


  • The cord is not that long, so you have to plug it on different areas in order to finish the cleaning process of all areas of your home.
  • When using the floor pad in steam cleaning, it has a hard time reaching its end, since it’s a bit bigger than the cleaner’s head. You may need to manually clean some corners and boards if you want these areas to be perfectly clean.

How to Find the Best Steam Mop

Are you ready to shop? Here’s a brief guide on how you go about the process of looking for the best-suited steam mop.

1. You have to set a believable expectation. You cannot expect the unit to turn your awfully dirty house into a squeaky clean home. There are certain dirt, stains and other objects that will require you to manually clean the parts or do the process over and over again before you can totally get rid of these elements.

2. The heat from the steam are really able to kill germs and bacteria as advertised by many of the units’ brands. There are models that can produce steam that is hotter than 200° F.

3. Make sure that you first check with the manufacturer of your flooring if it is safe to be exposed to this kind of cleaning tool. It can leave water residues, especially on gaps, which may cause damage on certain finishings, so it is best if you will first ask about the matter from the right expert.

4. It is best that you stack up cleaning pads that will be used for your chosen unit. Although these pads can be machine washed, you would not dare wash it along with your clothes and other linens. It also does not look pleasing to hand wash the material after it has already accumulated dirt and grime.

5. You have to check all the features of the products, which include the following:

Control of the unit’s steam. Choose the model that allows you to set the amount of steam that is required in the process. With this feature, it is only understandable that certain parts of the unit will get hot or might even cause burns, so go for the types that are designed in ways that you won’t easily get into contact with the parts that can get hot while you are using such.

The capacity of the water tank or tanks. It is better if you will get the models that will allow you to use the steam feature without running out of water fast. There are certain models that can be used continuously for up to 45 minutes without the need to refill the tank with water, but there are also units that have to be refilled with water after 10 minutes or even less.

Lights as indicators. The unit of the steam mop has to have specific indicators when it is turned on, when the steam is ready to be used and when the tanks need to be refilled with water. This way, you will get alerted even while you are engrossed in the cleaning process.

The on and off control. It may be risky and hard if the unit that you are using does not have this feature. You would need to pull out the plug when you are done, which can be risky, especially because your hands might get wet with the refilling and manual handling of certain dirt as you clean various parts of your home. It is safer if the unit can be turned on and off with a flick of a switch.

Easy maneuvering. This is something that is quite essential in searching for a good steam mop. You have to find the one that can easily deal with the dirt on tight spaces. Choose the models that are easy to glide and has a swiveling head.

Length of the power cord. This will come in handy, especially when you have a big house and you don’t want to restart the unit every now and then whenever you are changing the area of your home that you are dealing with. The power cord has to be lengthy, but this must also be pliable and not stiff. If it is too stiff, it might get in the way of cleaning and it might also become a problem when you are storing the unit.